Asian Salad

Bacon Mushroom Pasta with Peas

Bacon Pasta with an Egg

Basic Pancakes with Blueberries

Basic Waffles

BBQ Chicken Burger Sliders

Beef Stroganoff

Blackened Tilapia Sandwich with Homemade Tarter

BLT Appetizer Bites

BLT Chicken Burger

BLT Salad

Brussels Salad

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Burgers with Pancetta, Avocado, Jalapenos and Beer Mustard

Butternut Squash Bowtie Pasta Bake

Butternut Squash Salad

Calzones-Make Your Own!

Cantaloupe Prosciutto and Mozzarella Salad

Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese

Carole’s Banana Bread

Cheeseburger Pizza

Cheese Cake-No Bake

Cheesy Homemade Helper

Cheesy Mexican Rice

Chicken Ala King

Chicken Burger Lettuce Cups with Homemade Tzatziki 

Chicken Chilaquiles

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Piccata

Chicken Pot Pie with Puff Pastry

Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Filling

Citris Vodka Soda with Cilantro

Coney Sauce

Corn and Tomato Pasta with Shrimp

Creamy Taco Pasta and Tortilla Crisps

Creamy Cilantro Dressing

Crostini Appetizer in 10 Minutes!

Curry Chicken

Curry Roasted Salmon

Fajita Seasoning-Chicken

Fish Tacos

Flatbread with Arugula, Tomato and Prociutto

Freezer Jam

French Onion Soup 

Fresh Pasta with Italian Chicken Sausage and Mushrooms

Fried Goat Cheese Salad with Fig Jam Vinaigrette

Fried Rice 

Garlic Cheese Biscuits

Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

Grilled Bread with Ricotta and Peach Jam

Grilled Chicken with Creamy Spinach, Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Grilled Fish with Grapefruit Avocado Salsa

Grilled Fish with Shallot Sauce

Grilled Sirloin with Anchovy Butter

Grown Up Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Guacamole with only 5 Ingredients

Gumbo-Chicken, Sausage and Shrimp

Halibut with Chickpea Ragu

Italian Dressing “Packet” 

Italian One Pan Pasta

Italian Turkey Meatball Sandwiches


Jiffy Muffins (with bonus ingredients)

Kahlua Shake

Kale Chips

Kraut and Kielbasa with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

Kung Pao Chicken and Fried Rice

Lettuce Wraps 

Linguine with Summer Veggies and Goat Cheese

Loaded Potato Soup. But lighter!

Mac & Cheese

Mango Pineapple Tilapia

Mascarpone Pasta with Asparagus and Mushrooms

Meatballs (Turkey) with Angel Hair and Marinara

Mexican Cornbread

Onion Soup “packet”

Pad Se Eew

Pasta Skillet with Veggie, Chicken and Cheese

Pad Thai

Pancetta Burgers with Beer Mustard

Parmesan Cream Pasta with Meatballs

Pear, Pancetta and Goat Cheese Bites

Philly Cheese Steak

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins with Streusel Topping

Pumpkin Waffles

Ranch Dressing

Replacement Chili

Risotto with Kale and Bacon

Roasted Okra

Roasted Salmon with Cauliflower, Tomato and Red Onion

Roasted Salmon with Lentils 

Run For The Boarder Mexican Pizza

Salmon with Yogurt Sauce

Salmon Cakes with Caper Tarter

Sara’s Simple Spaghetti

Savory Waffles

Scallops with Cauliflower Puree and Sauteed Spinach

Shepherd’s Pie

Shrimp Pasta with Spinach

(Lighter!) Shrimp Po Boy

Sloppy Joes

Slow Cooker BBQ

Slow Cooker Italian Roast

Slow Cooker Pork Ragu

Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup

Sock It To Me Cake

Spinach Smoothie

Spinach Stuffed Shells with Bechamel and Marinara

Steak and Mushrooms with Pureed Cauliflower

Steak Fajita Marinade 

Steak Stir Fry with Brussels Sprouts!

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Taco Seasoning

Thai Pizza

Thai Shrimp Stew with Coconut Milk

Thanksgiving Grilled Cheese

Turkey Bacon Meatloaf

Turkey Chili Mac with Veggies

Turkey Taco Soup

Winter Salad with Pear, Blue Cheese and Walnuts

White Bean and Arugula Salad

White Bean Soup

White Chicken Chili

Yazoo Hop Project Beer Bread

Yogurt Caesar Salad


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