Grilled Sirloin with Anchovy Butter

Another weekend of fun has come and gone but not without some evidence in photos.

photo 3

Here is Friday night’s view at the vineyard.  This wine was great too. My very technical review of it was that it was dry and fruity, without being sweet.

photo 4

The night involved swings

photo 5

and a picnic of  “to go”  salads…..



and sushi

photo 1

On Sunday night I had my parents over for dinner and fired up the grill.

photo 1

Speaking of grills, we made Grilled Sirloin with Anchovy Butter a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.

I know that you are probably running away from the computer right now because I said “anchovy”. Don’t be a wuss, you’ll love it.

photo 4

the recipe suggested this side dish, so I tried it too

photo 2

In addition to the broccoli, I made spicy sweet potato wedges

photo 3

The anchovy butter was really savory and couldn’t have been easier to make


photo 1 (1)

 a perfect medium rare

photo 3 (1)

you just slice the filet and drizzle with the butter!

I got this idea from an old Cooking Light magazine. I didn’t change a thing and I made the broccoli that goes with it. Follow this link for the recipe!


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