seattle skyline

The last city on our trip was Seattle. All the cities were wonderful for many different reasons but I think this one might have been the favorite. It had everything we could have hoped for in terms of cool neighborhoods, culture, attractions, athletic teams, schools and last and most importantly FOOD!

Our first day in Seattle we spent exploring.

We found Pike Place Market which was amazing.

pike public market sign

The iconic sign above the market.

pike place fish

I cannot imagine having this much fresh seafood available to me every day.

pike place fish 2


pike place produce

What about this produce too! It is like a year round farmers market.

After acting like total tourists walking around with our mouths open and watching the fish market employees throw fish and banter back and forth, we found lunch.

market grill sign

The Market Grill is a small restaurant with a  bar counter large enough for maybe 10 people.

They cook the food to order from their very small menu.

employee at market grill

Friendly employees like this guy take your order, get your drinks and chat you up while you are waiting and while another employee makes the food.

chowder at market grill

We started off with the chowder.  I prefer New England Clam Chowder but theirs was tasty too.

All of the bread that comes with the chowder and the bread for the sandwiches comes from Le Panier, a bakery inside Pike Place. This sets the stage for this delicious sandwich.

sandwich at market grill

Then we both had a sandwich. Halibut for her and Salmon for him.  These sandwiches were just perfect and really let the fish shine through. On each sandwich the fish is blackened but not overpowering. The seasoning they use is salt free so that wasn’t an issue either. They have caramelized onions, lettuce and tomato. The halibut sandwich has tarter sauce and the salmon has a rosemary mayo. Both were awesome.

We actually ate here twice and on vacation that is saying a lot.

The only thing that would make this place even better would be beer. Shocker.

Then we were back to exploring, which worked up another appetite.

serious pie menu

We grabbed an early dinner at Serious Pie. They weren’t joking!

First of all they have a fabulous happy hour which we found to be quite the requirement for lots of dinner serving restaurants in Seattle.

These pizzas were only $6 a piece (!?) and included creative ingredients like the:

serious pie clam

Clam, Pancetta and Chile Pizza

serious pie egg

Duck Egg, Coppa and Garlicky Greens Pizza

They were both fantastic and went along great with the house wines ($5?) and tap beers ($4?).

Good find.

needle at night

Our hotel was two blocks from the Space Needle and the Monorail so we got plenty of pictures of it.

We started off the next day with donuts at Top Pot.  I had seen this place on the Food Network so naturally we had to go.

top pot sign

 Pumpkin for me.

Chocolate glazed for him.

bill and melinda

After that we headed over to explore the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation visitor center. This place was awesome. Extremely informative and interactive. It doesn’t seem like a place you might scope out on vacation but I would highly recommend it.  If you don’t think you will ever make it out that way there are lots of cool things you can learn about on their web site too.

university of washington quad

Then we took a short bus ride to The University of Washington Campus.

university of washington building

This campus was spectacular. We felt like we were in college again as we talked about what it would have been like to go to school so far away (we both attended state schools) and how pretty the campus was. Then we learned that you had to have a 4.0 to even be considered and our daydreams quickly vanished. 🙂

university of washington garden

But our self guided tour went on!

university of washington street

When it concluded we decided to take the advice of a handsome stranger we met on the street and go to this place:

thai tom restaurant

Thai Tom. Located in the University District (a favorite neighborhood of mine) this small gem is packed wall to wall even after the lunch rush should be long over.

thai tom menu

A large menu is painted on a small number of board like menus and one is given to each table when you arrive.

thai tom kitchen

Then all the wonderful and fragrant food is cooked in this teeny tiny kitchen out in the open. Pure genius!

thai tom spring roll

We started off with these tiny spring rolls.

thai tom pan ang

Followed by Pan Ang Curry

thai tom pad thai

And Pad Thai. Folks, although I have not been to Thailand this was the best Thai I have ever had.  If you are in Seattle you must go here.

lake union boats

That afternoon we took a tour by land and sea. Ridiculous although amusing. This tour hit the really touristy places like the Sleepless in Seattle boat house, Grey’s Anatomy filming spots, 50 Shades of Grey Condo and The Deadliest Catch Boat. I warned you it was ridiculous.

lake union houses

Picturesque though.

After that it was off to dinner!

I’m going to say it again. I haven’t been to Japan but this was good sushi.

sushi set

At Japonessa downtown- I wanted everything on their menu but settled for this.

The sushi set.

japonessa super bad boy

and this……the Super Bad Boy.

japonessa shrimp tempura

The Shrimp Tempura roll. Boring choice maybe but delicious.

tap house

A night cap at Tap House with 159 beers on tap rounded out the fun filled day.  Single ladies in Seattle? This is the place to be. The men to women ratio in this place was at least 15:1.

seahawks stadium

The last day of our trip we began with a tour of the Seahawks Stadium! We wished that we had time to tour the baseball stadium as well but the tours were too close together. Next time!

Ever since touring Lambeau Field we have taken an interest in other cities stadiums.

seahawks field

We toured the field and got a back stage pass to all the ins and outs of this unique stadium.

We gave a press conference about our opinions on the Green Bay/Seahawks game while we were at it!

After that we went back to Pike Place for another sandwich!

Then we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island. I wish we had done this sooner as we loved this island and all it had to offer.

bainbridge boats

harbour house

bainbridge beer

We had to hurry back on the Ferry so we didn’t miss our dinner reservations!

pink door

The Pink Door was hard to find and did not disappoint! It had come highly recommended to us by  cousins who were turned on to it by an aunt and uncle. Lot’s of family in this place.  Tucked away in an alley inside Pike Place this Italian restaurant was romantic and old world.  (It is also extremely dark as you will see)

pink door terrance

Our server, Terrance, was the bomb. I am going to go out on a limb here and give him the “Best Server of the Trip” award.  What up Terrance?!?!

pink door lasagna

Their lasagna is made with a bechamel sauce, which I adore.

Our salads were great too but we were hungry and they didn’t make the cut.

The Cioppino was chock-full of mussels, clams, prawns, fish and calamari.

Seattle was a blast.



One thought on “Seattle!

  1. Audrey Spence says:

    So glad you enjoyed your pizza! Thanks for visiting us while you were in town.
    ~ Audrey Spence, Executive Chef, Serious Pie

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