Dining Out in Green Bay Wisconsin!

Welcome Back!

Just in case you should ever find yourself in Green Bay Wisconsin, I have checked out the dining scene there and have a full report!

My dad is a lifetime fan of the Green Bay Packers and had never been to see The Frozen Tundra!

So after lots of insisting, off we went.

tracy plane

This is my dad.

This is pretty much the look that was on his face from the moment we boarded the plane until we touched back down in Nashville after a 4 day getaway.

After we got our rental car in  Milwaukee,  we stopped at a hole in the wall  of sorts for lunch.

Philly Sign

The Philly Way did not disappoint.


These Philly Cheese Steaks were scrumptious!

From there we headed up the coast of Lake Michigan and stopped off in Sheboygan to see what we could see.

Shab Lighthouse

Shab boats

When we arrived in Green Bay we headed to Hinterland Brewery and Restaurant.  This ended up being our favorite restaurant in Green Bay. Our waiter, Tyler, was awesome too!

hinter beers

Their beer is fantastic! From L to R:  Oktoberfest, Amber, IPA. Yum!

hinter crab

Crab cake.

hinter pizza

This was the best crust we had ever tasted. Tyler said they use Double O High Gluten Flour.

hinter quail



We got really excited about the marquee at the Hampton Inn.

The next morning we cruised the town and had breakfast at a neat spot called the White Dog Black Cat.

Funky decor and friendly service made this a great spot.

black cat bloody

And who can pass up a Bloody Mary with a Slim Jim in it?  I did not order this but it was delicious.

black cat fritatta

I had the fritatta that came with hash browns. I am not usually a hash brown person but these were out of this world!

The trip was also full of more food (burgers with butter?) and more breweries.

krolls burger

Kroll’s West is a burger joint with beer and milkshakes. We at here twice so that says something, right? The second time I did leave the butter off the burger but the other diners said the whole menu was just as good as the burgers. They also have plenty of TV’s and a full bar if you want to watch an away game.

It is right next door to the stadium and the friendly service from Desiree was great!

title brews

After all this eating,  IT WAS TIME…….


To visit what I have to believe is the greatest football stadium on earth.

In fact, because of this tour I am going to tour all the NFL stadiums I can to find out if any others can even compare. From what I can find though only 7 others offer tours?!?! Suggestions please!


This team is full of so much history and has such interesting stories dating back 94 years!

If you every find yourself in Green Bay you really must experience this first hand.  Unforgettable.

I have always pulled for them because of my dad but now I think I might just be a fan on my own.


The stadium.


The field 🙂 And a cheesy picture.


Aaron’s super bowl uniform.

I had always wondered why they were named the packers. Now it all makes sense! The original team was sponsored by Acme Packing company, a meat packing plant.

super bowl

The Superbowl room.

cheese head

One happy cheese head.

The bar where we watched the game was packed 2 hours before kickoff. Though the game didn’t end as it should have 😉 the trip was the ultimate success.



Last week I would have said Green Bay and The Titans. Now, I would just say Green Bay!


3 thoughts on “Dining Out in Green Bay Wisconsin!

  1. Thanks for stopping in at our little restaurant! Glad your trip to Packer country was a blast! Next time your in town the staff at White Dog Black Cat Cafe would love to have you!

  2. Carey says:

    Sounds like a great trip! 2 things: 1. I would think YOU could withstand from ordering a bloody mary with a Slim Jim in it. And 2. You said meat packing. C. I am eight.

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