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I went to Chicago this summer. I had so much to say about this wonderful city,  that I decided to stew on it and come back later to give my report. And later is now. 8 months later. I have a friend who is traveling to Chicago this spring and I promised a post.

Now, the group didn’t do anything tremendously educational. It was mostly touristy sight seeing, a whole lot of the culinary scene, staying out late and sleeping late to recover. Taking in as much as we could in a short amount of time.  The trip was nothing short of legendary.

I want to go back as soon as possible. That’s the thing about traveling to cool places. I’d like to find new cities to love but there is always so much that I could still discover about the cities I have already been to. First world issues to be sure.

Sometimes I am just baffled that all my pictures are taken with my phone [and some, not so much]. But…it is the hungry apple after all.

Among my city favorites were:

the bean

adventures in babysitting building:  (Elizabeth Shue: what is it really called?!)

Ruxbin Restaurant: the greatest dining experience of my life thus far. byob.

Mott Street: restaurant whose a/c was broken and it was still a blast. that’s saying a lot in 90 degree weather.

Girl and The Goat: Bucket list restaurant where we were placed in outdoor seating no less. Check. This is also the place where I had goat cheek for the first time. how could that not be memorable?  it was delicious.

The J. Parker: bar on top of hotel. views of lake and city.

Hotel Lincoln: the hotel that the bar is on top of.

La Vieille Ferme: this wine was 6 bucks at trader joes and somehow it was so delicious. not really chicago related, but I did have it for the first time in chicago and Ruxbin is byob. i’m just sayin.

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