Charleston Review In Pictures

We took a recent trip to Charleston and here is what we did/saw/ate (minus the wedding we went to-forgot to take pictures of that 🙂 )………
photo 1 (1)

drinks on one of  these planes

photo 2

mussels covered in french fries here (an eight)

photo 5

beers there too

photo 3

beach lunch

photo 4

pretty door

photo 4

dinner here (a six) included these favorites….

photo 5

alligator salad

photo 1

and this

photo 3

paths like this one, everywhere

photo 2 (1)

chandelier here

photo 3 (1)

cooking class here (bravo!)

photo 4 (1)

bloody mary here (another 6)

photo 1

this place


2 thoughts on “Charleston Review In Pictures

  1. Amber says:

    Love it! Great photos

  2. Hannah says:

    We want y’all to come back…so we can explore more Charleston food with you and hopefully find some food and restaurants that are a 10!! 🙂

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