Eat Here! Burger Up

On a recent Saturday I had the pleasure of having lunch with a friend at Burger Up on 12 South in Nashville.

bu outside


Burger up is one of my favorite burger places and has really unique takes on lots of different burgers. Bison, Veggie, Salmon and Turkey, just to name a few. They also have a location in Cool Springs.

My friend had never been there so I was pumped for her to try everything.

If you’ve never been either, then I will tell you that it is a very relaxed atmosphere with a hipster/farm house feel. Some of the tables are communal and you sit with others while some tables are stand alone. They also have a patio where they seat people year round.

Our server was Natalie. She was attentive without being annoying, super friendly and informative.  Thanks Natalie!

bu beer

I only had one beer but I am at a loss for the name of it. It was draft and it was good.

bu beet salad 2

We started off with the Beet Salad.

This was the best salad I have had at a restaurant in recent memory. Orange segments, pistachios, pickled red onion, mint, basil and cilantro made this salad a real party in your mouth.  Delicious.

bu pork

We also had a Grit Cake with BBQ. I am not a die hard bbq lover but this was savory and very tasty as well.

bu burger

We shared the Lamb Burger (boursin cheese, red onion, arugula and mint dijon aioli)  which has always been my favorite of their burgers and we got house fries with it which are always tasty too. They also have sweet potato fries, onion rings and sauteed spinach if you’d prefer those.

8 Apples to Burger Up. See you again soon!

apple rating


3 thoughts on “Eat Here! Burger Up

  1. Amanda says:

    Hey Sara, Have you ever been to the one in Lenox Village called Burger Republic? Try it!

  2. I have not heard about it. I will have to make it over that way to check it out! What is your favorite thing there?

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