Germantown Cafe-Review

An amateur food blogger I know had a birthday recently. She chose to go to Germantown Cafe for a night off for dinner, which is becoming sort of a birthday trend for her.

Shout out to Scorpio’s everywhere!


Located on the edge of the Germantown neighborhood in north Nashville,  the restaurant has a great relaxed vibe and I feel right at home when I go there. The menus and the floor are made of cork and they always have fresh flowers.

A second shoutout  (two in one post!) to Andrew. One of the informative and accommodating members of the Germantown staff.

I’m going to step out on a blog limb and call it a Nashville staple. There, I said it.

(Please excuse the quality of pictures-the lighting sets the mood and after all I am taking pictures with a phone!)

They have a standard menu that changes up a little from day to day, but there are many menu items that you can count on time after time.

Word on the street is that they will be adding new menu items after Thanksgiving as well as a happy hour menu.



My favorite appetizer is the escargot and my favorite entree is the Coconut Curry Salmon.


(Southwest Strudel)

They also have a fun strudel, think phyllo dough  filled with ________ and shaped like an egg roll  The strudel filling changes from day to day.

crab cakes

(Crab cakes)

The pasta also changes daily (my favorite is mushroom cream with linguine) and they also have a special or two.


(House Salad)

Each entree comes with a house salad. Their blue cheese vinaigrette is tangy and delicious.



If you haven’t been there you should try it. I am not going to pretend that it is the trendiest or most experimental restaurant that I have ever been to but it is romantic, has a fabulous view and they serve consistently great food.  Consistency is an award winner in my book.

They also serve a fantastic brunch! At dinner they serve the fluffiest melt in your mouth rolls and I can never eat less than two. At brunch though….they roll them in cinnamon and sugar and serve them with strawberry butter. To die for.

Go for dinner, go for brunch-Just go!

8 apples for you Germantown!


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