Edley’s BBQ Nachos

After a recent 3 hour hike in Nashville, we left the park famished! We had planned earlier in the day to head to the farmer’s market for a late lunch. We were too late though and  everything at the market was closing up so we had to make a last minute decision about where to eat. Normally this results in driving around aimlessly for 30 minutes.  This can be a struggle. I’ve heard good things about Edley’s BBQ since it’s opening in 2011. I’m not the biggest BBQ fan so I hadn’t been dying to try it but since we were desperate, I gave in.

Best decision ever.

Most of the time we split things because, who could ever eat as much as they give you? Also, I’m not a huge fan of leftovers.  The minute we laid eyes on the menu,  we knew what we would be having.



Now I know I said I didn’t really dig BBQ and normally it’s not my first choice but BBQ nachos are an exception. And these are the best I have ever had.

They have thick sliced potato chips instead of tortilla chips. Sounds strange but it was a smart move on their part. The BBQ Chicken (pork is also a choice) is chopped pretty finely, which I appreciate. The sauce is smokey and sweet with just a little spice and the pico di gallo and sour cream are the perfect topping and give them a very fresh taste. They have a full bar with draft beer (2 of which were Yazoo) and who can argue with beer in a mason jar. Not me.

This was the perfect late lunch/afternoon snack.  I suggest you make your way there as soon as you get the chance.I will definitely be back!

Let me know what else is good!


One thought on “Edley’s BBQ Nachos

  1. Natalie Griffith says:

    Justin is the BBQ master so he will have to try them out! And btw……is this where you chose to be instead of painting on Hillsboro Road!?!?!? HA!!

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