Lake Weekend

This weekend we traveled 70 miles south of Franklin to beautiful Tim’s Ford Lake.

The drive down was entertaining with these two.

I have no idea why because the weather was mostly wonderful, but we practically had the whole lake to ourselves! Suits me!

“Rustic” vacations like this are sometimes lacking in the food department in my opinion, just because you don’t have all the conveniences of your kitchen and some people tend to forget things when you’re packing, but I’m not naming names ;).

Days on the boat were accompanied by chicken salad and pimento cheese sandwiches and of course plenty of Bloody Mary’s. You don’t want to get thirsty on a boat. Trust me.

We stayed here. The staff was very friendly and the cabins and boats were clean and comfortable.

The first night in true lake form, we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs (no need for picture of those)

But in true Sara form we also had a cheese plate! (Please notice the lovely glass fish cutting board)

We had a Gouda Robusto (semi firm, nutty Parmesan flavor), Killaree Cheddar (mild, creamy and soft) and Cypress Grove Midnight Moon (grainy and buttery tasting-and my favorite)

We greeted the day with your typical breakfasts and some coffee cup advertising from a local realty company 🙂

We tried a little restaurant on the water in one of the coves the 2nd night. I won’t tell you the name because I wouldn’t want you to go there. But they did have very cold beer!

We had a pretty cloudy/drizzly day while we were there so we decided to take a 20 minute drive to  Lynchburg Tennessee to visit the Jack Daniels Distillery! I cant believe as long as have lived in Tennessee I have never been but it was very interesting!

Jack Daniels is the oldest distillery in Tennessee. This is also the only location in the world where JD is made.  They store the barrels of whiskey in 80 different Barrel Houses to ensure that they are kept separately in case something were to ever happen to one or more of the houses.

The grounds are really beautiful. There are just over 400 employees in all and you can tell they take their jobs very seriously and have a real respect for the process.

Lynchburg is in a dry county so unfortunately no samples are given at the distillery.

Our tour guide said this was the only Jack “on the rocks” you would see at the distillery. You could tell she thought this was funny even though I am sure she has said it 1,000 times.

This tree was right behind one of the buildings on campus. The vapors released during the distilling process turn all the trees within 200 yards black! JD is known for making their own charcoal that their whiskey runs over,  which they say gives their whiskey its distinctive flavor.

Even though I am not a whiskey drinker, I would definitely recommend this tour.

Update: I’m a whiskey drinker now!

After that, the rain cleared out so we hit the trails in the Tim’s Ford State Park!

We saw lots of wild life.

Walked over several swinging bridges.

We saw the first signs of fall.

And had a modeling session with Gage.

The last night we grilled steaks.

I even set the table using newspaper ads as place mats!

We were not ready to leave but we were glad to get back to our kitchen!!



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